George Doughty holds a Masters license in Maine for both Plumbing and Oil and Solid Fuel and is one of the first to be certified as a Solar Installer in the state of Maine.

George earned his Masters licenses in plumbing and heating in 1977 and 1978. He started Doughtys’ Plumbing and Heating in 1979 after Seth was born. In 1980 he opened The Back Forty Alterative Resource Store and with his business partner Bob Lipham became involved as a supplier for The National Solar Water Heater Workshop.

The NSWHW was a do-it-yourself program started by Stanley Mumma at Arizona State University and funded by a grant from the Department of Energy under the Carter Administration to promote high quality domestic solar hot water systems in the United States to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

The Back Forty also built solar collectors and solar modules and supplied them to solar installers and homeowners that did not want to build their own.

With the change of administration in 1985, The NSWHW lost funding and tax credits were withdrawn, leaving George and job with no option, but to abandon solar and close The Back Forty.

George returned to plumbing and also became a building contractor until in 1998, he joined forces with Don Fuller in Broadway Woodworks specializing in audio/visual furniture. In 2001 George returned to plumbing and heating and formed George F. Doughty Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Seth Doughty worked with his father as a plumber’s helper, carpenter and woodworker growing up.

After working at other interesting jobs, gaining a variety of experience, he joined his father as an apprentice and has since earned his Journeyman’s license.

George and Seth take great pride in their work and ability to problem solve. George F. Doughty P&H, Inc. supplies the highest quality materials and warrantees materials supplied and labor for one full year.

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