Solar: (no carbon)

Solar domestic hot water is the collection and storage of hot water for domestic use such as showers and dish washing.
There are several ways to reduce your fuel consumption with
the help of the sun.

Photovoltaic (PV) is the conversion of the sun’s rays to DC electricity that can either be stored in batteries or converted
to AC and either used in your home or business or sold
back to the electric utility.

Solar space heat is the use of the sun to heat your home or business with the sun either by “active” (collection and
storage by actively pumping the collected heat to storage to
be used as necessary such as a large water storage tank) or the “passive”) use of the sun directly or by passive storage without pumping such as masonry walls exposed to the sun).
Wind power: (no carbon)
Wind power has been used for thousands of years to mechanically perform jobs such as water pumping
and manufacture. More recently it has been successfully
been used to produce electricity, either AC or DC to
either be stored in batteries or used or sold back to the
electric utility.

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Heating, and Wind Turbines.

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