These boilers are fully automatic, making them as convenient as burning oil or gas. Burning wood pellets is carbon neutral. Pellets are manufactured locally and are abundant.

Wood, a natural and renewable fuel, is the ideal solution for safe, sustainable heating. Using sunlight, trees produce the oxygen that is essential for life. The CO2 emissions from burning wood are comparable with those from natural decomposition in the forest. Wood heating helps to preserve the fragile balance of the
carbon cycle. Burning wood is better for the environment than burning oil, coal or gas, because wood has less contaminants and unlike fossil fuels, is renewable. Wood is abundant in New England, stimulating the local economy rather than importing foreign oil. The drawbacks to burning wood have been the inconvenience of handling the cordwood and the inefficiencies of smoldering wood when the air supply is closed down to control the burn, causing dangerous creosote production. The answer to these problems is wood pellets.

Wood pellets start as waste from the lumber and woodworking industry and cordwood chips. The wood is dried and processed through a pellet machine. There are no additives, just wood. Premium quality pellets have very little bark and therefore produce less ash.

The pellets are delivered to your home or business in bulk and stored in a storage room or tank much like oil storage. They can be inside or outside as long as they are kept dry. A ton of pellets is equal to about 100 gallons of oil.

From the storage tank or room they are fed automatically to a hopper on the Pellematic boiler either with an auger or vacuum system.

Pellematic/AutoPellet Boiler
The Pellematic/Autopellet boiler automatically feeds the pellets to the center of the burner where the igniter starts the primary burn. A small auger feeds pellets and as the pellets are burned the ash travels across the burner plate and drops into the automatic ash removal system. The gas from the primary burn enters the secondary burn chamber where higher temperatures are achieved. The exhaust gas passes through self cleaning boiler tubes and heats your home or business and indirect domestic water storage if you like. The ash is compacted into an ash container that can be emptied occasionally into the trash or onto your garden.
The controls for the Pellematic/Autopellet are very smart, using outside temperatures and set-back modes to adjust boiler temperatures and achieve efficiencies of around 90%. The Pellematic boiler control can even control solar hot water collection integrated with timed boiler back-up. Pellematic is so automatic that insurance companies consider them a central heating system.

With the Pellematic/Autopellet┬« by ├ľkoFEN you can rely on a technology that is well tested, yet enjoy features at the forefront of innovation: economical, comfortable and ecological. Power outputs from 11,500 to 764,500 BTU/hr and your choice of four colors.

Depending on the space available you can decide to store pellets in a FlexiTank or a store room,
with pellets being fed to the boiler by an auger screw or via a vacuum suction system. The
FlexiTank is a very economical storage system. FlexiTanks are made of high quality polyester
textile and offer many advantages: quick installation, antistatic properties, and they allow air to
pass through while filtering out dust. They are the ideal solution for damp areas. If necessary they may be installed outdoors (must be protected from rain and UV radiation). The auger delivery
system is the most economical fuel
supply solution but can only be used
where the FlexiTank is adjacent to the

Pellets are delivered by tanker truck
and are blown into the store room or
the FlexiTank.

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