Radiant heat has many advantages. It is a more efficient way to heat because
it heats with lower temperatures and does not cause large air movement like baseboard heat does.

The temperature in the room is very consistent from floor to ceiling making it
very comfortable.

There are basically three ways to heat with radiant floors. The first and best is
by pouring the tubes in concrete either in a slab or an "over-pour", which is a
thin layer of concrete or similar product, over the sub-floor. The reason that this
is the best is that the concrete adds mass that makes the heating smoother than the other radiant alternatives. The second best is tubing on top of the sub-floor in a wood and aluminum product such as Quictrac, because that puts the heat closer to the things you trying to heat. People and animals. The third is tubing run through fins attached to the bottom of the sub-floor. Although the
least desirable way to use radiant, it is still better than any other form of heat
for comfort and efficiency.

Radiant heat delivers comfortable heat to the heated space at temperatures well below that of other forms of heat transfer.

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