Licensed Master Plumber

- All aspects of internal plumbing including hot and cold
potable water supply, drainage, gas, electric and indirect
water heaters, well pumps.
-We supply fixtures and faucets by all major manufacturers.

Licensed Master Heating Technician
- Oil, gas, coal, wood and pellet stoves, furnaces and boilers.
- All aspects of supply, installation and service of heating equipment.
-Specializing in high efficiency equipment including 90% plus oil, gas and pellet boilers and furnaces and on demand and indirect water heaters.
- Certified Buderus Blue Flame Installer.
- Installation of energy saving controls and circulators.
- We also install comfortable and efficient radiant heat.

Certified Solar Thermal Installer
- We supply, service and install both flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors along with related tanks and equipment
for domestic hot water and space heating.
- We can supply a dual coil tank that can be heated by the
sun and also indirectly by your boiler to save even more

- All materials supplied by us are warranted by George F. Doughty P&H, Inc. to the limits of the manufacturer and
labor for one year.
-Residential and light commercial


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